AI (English Speaking) looking for work in Europe


I am looking to work at a European dive centre. I have been diving 12 years, since I was 12 and dive primarily in Scotland. I used to work at a five star IDC and my duties included:

                             Marking exams

                             Equipment demonstrations

                             Equipment loading

                             Cascade charging of tanks

                             Selling equipment

                             Ensuring release forms are signed

                             Divemaster in the Pool and in the Sea

                             Delivering Modules 1 - 4 + Skin Diving

                             Delivering Drysuit introductions

                             Delivering DSD courses.

As well as the Above I can:

Set up, secure and maintain a website whilst working towards getting it high up in Googles rankings (Search Engine Optimisation)


Professionally Photograph equipment and locations and photograph divers in the water so they have something to take away from the experience.

I can work with you on various projects throughout the entire life cycle.

Perform basic maintenance ( I have a degree in engineering) providing the maintenance guides and tools are available.


I have just started to learn German through Duolingo and I am looking at completing an online course in Operations. I have over 400 dives and my own equipment as well as various specialities. I can lead dives and I am calm and professional.

Thank you for your consideration, my email is

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