American, 38 y/o

Experience: None

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

STCW, ENG1, VPDSD (Maritime certificates) 18 years in hospitality industry Professional Bar Tender Extensive Wine Knowledge (ran a 300+ bottle wine list) Vastly knowledgeable in Customer Service Wood Working Skills along with power tools Jet Skiing experience with Watersports Computer Literate Played sports my entire life Trusted with keys, codes, and sensitive information to a $50 million Music Venue (Austin City Limits)

I am looking to become a deck hand on a yacht full or part time. Have just moved to Ft. Lauderdale from Austin TX. I posses all the basic requirements to be on a yacht. Finished with my STCW, ENG1, and VPDSD certifications. Just need the opportunity.


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