Mate/1st Officer

German, 43 y/o

Experience: 0-1 year

Location: Europe - Germany

UK Master Certificate of Equivalent Competency CEC0061684 08/2016 II/2 German Master Certificate of Competency 08/2016 A-II/2 Type Specific ECDIS Furuno and Sperry Marine 08/2013 A-II/2 5x Bridge Team Management Course 05/2010 IV/2 GMDSS/GOC 08/2016 V/1 Advanced Gas Tanker/LNG-fuelled Engine Endorsement 02/2016 V/2 Crowd and Crisis Management 11/2015 VI/1 Basic Safety Training 11/2015 VI/2 Fast Rescue Boat 11/2015 VI/3 Advanced Fire Fighting 11/2015 VI/4 Medical Care 12/2015 VI/5 Ship Security Ocer 02/2008 VI/6 Security Related Training 04/2012 - PADI Rescue Diver 12/2015 - German Chief Eng. (750kw)

From 1st of February 2014 till 1st of July I have been in command or second in command either of the passenger ferry MS WANGEROOGE (621gt) or MS HARLINGERLAND (477gt). Both ferries are operating between Harlesiel and the German Island Wangerooge.


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