2nd EngineerDeckhand/2nd EngineerEstate Staff

Dutch, 33 y/o

Experience: 3-5 years

Location: Africa - South Africa

Qualified Chef (8 years) Waiter and Did a butlers course AEC Yacht hand certificate Basic carpentry Spray painting engine mechanics

Ive been working in the industry of yachting, 3 years now,2 1/2 years on board a 116ft Azimut yacht as chef, but have filled roles as deck crew in previous employment, M/Y Attitude for 6 months. I grew up on a small "farm" and have experience in carpentry, spray painting, varnishing and fiberglass work, as well as engine mechanics experience. My father and I both have a love for cars and like servicing our own vehicles. I have an insatiable appetite for learning new things and I willing to work hard. I have always started from the bottom and climbed the ladder one step at a time, ensuring that, I gain as much experience as possible to make a success of myself. I have completed a 2years on a vessel that didn't come with the "traditional" training manual and scripts that I was used to in the professional kitchens, thus, forcing myself to learn the hard way. I do not regret this for one second, I now know how to think outside the proverbial box and know where to get provisi has been how Ions on small islands with relative ease and with little to no supervision. I consider myself an all round team player and willing to help where it is needed. I am Looking to expand my wealth of knowledge in a new career that I should have followed straight out of school. I am geniunly hoping to find someone to give me the chance to learn and become a valued asset to their team. I am active and love to be outdoors, whether it be hiking, mountain biking, diving, surfing and golfing. Momentum, travel and learn has been my moto and a work hard, play hard attitude.I truly hope this small note finds your favarouble approval.


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