Chief Stew2nd StewSole Stew

New Zealander, 45 y/o

Experience: 3-5 years

Location: Pacific - Australia (Sydney)

Bluewater Super Yacht 5 Day Cookery Course - November 2011. NCPLH (National Certificiate for Personal Licence Holder). Hospitality experience - running and managing The Garyowen in London 2010. PYA Wine and Cocktail Making Introduction course Megayacht Interior Operations course Silver Service course Floral Arrangement - Design and Care course Food Safety & Hygiene course Interior Yacht Management Interior Intermediate Level 2 Maritime & Security Awareness Computer skills, recreational yachting for 21 years. Qualified Insurance Broker.

I am extremely motivated, dedicated and hardworking. I have an outgoing personality and take a pride in my appearance, punctuality and attitude. I have an eye for detail, excellent leadership abilities and enjoy working as part of a team or leading one. I am fun and friendly, professional and discrete. I understand my role and responsibilities, values and standards, style, and the importance of teamwork and good communication. Additionally I have high end service experience, wine and cocktail knowledge, floral arrangements, table settings and themes. I have worked in the hospitality industry for 2 years and in the yachting industry for over 3 years. Additionally I come from a strong management background therefore I believe I would be an excellent candidate.


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