Female MSDT/Marine Biologist available immediately

Hi there,


I'm a friendly, well rated, safety conscious American/Canadian PADI MSDT. I have a MSc in Marine Biology and have worked for marine conservation NGOs across the globe (mostly Indo-Pacific). I work a lot in educating the public about species/ecological conservation and how to best protect reefs. I have also been a dive instructor for well over a year and have specialties in EANx, Night, Drift, Deep, Underwater Photography, and Wreck. I have high student reviews in both mediums.

I'm looking for short-medium term work anywhere in the world, but preferably SE Asia. I can be wherever within a week, maybe sooner. I have my own gear, including a dry suit, and I am DAN insured. I speak French conversationally; I've taught DSDs in French before and could maybe struggle through a course as well. 

I have no tatoos and one inconspicuous/easily removable piercing. I don't smoke, and I drink occasionally. I'm more into naps than parties and am perfectly happy in remote/rustic conditions.

For my CV or any other questions, email me at

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