Multi-language MSDT available WorldWilde

25 years old French native MSDT who speaks English fluently is looking for a Job!

I am an ambitious, hardworking and commercially driven Dive Instructor

who is striving to build a career in the diving world. I am a high performer

with vast experience of working.

I am currently looking for a position where I can be of great service and

acquire more experience in teaching.

I got my experience in Diving and teaching In Australia on the Great Barrier Reef.
I have the following Instructor specialities:
-Deep Diver

-Night Diver

-EANx Diver

-Underwater Navigator

-Equipment Specialist

-Peak Performance Buoyancy


-Freshwater Diver
-Self Reliant Diver
-Aware Coral Reef Conservation


I have an EU and Australian Boat license and also an EU and Australian Driver License.

I'm enthusiasm and not afraid to work hard.

I have good customer service skills

Available WorldWilde

Contact me if you want more details

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