New, Passionate OWSI looking for work.


Good day,


My name is Jared Henning (#395259). I'm a South African OWSI and I've been teaching since June 2017.

I wish to find any position among the ranks of a known dive school to teach and work accordingly. I have a decent amount of experience working for a busy dive school in South Africa (Coral Divers, Sodwana Bay) and I am open to any reputable employment that I can acquire.

I have the following Speciality Ratings:


-Enriched Air



-O2 Provider

-Search and Recovery


I am also in teaching status with EFR 1st & 2nd Response, Care for Children and EAD.


I have set up a digital CV that is much more detailed than the above information, follow the link:


If interested in a hard copy of my CV please email me at


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Thank you for the consideration

Jared Henning

PADI #395259


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