ChefSous ChefCook

Canadian, 49 y/o

Experience: 5-10 years

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

Responsible for daily operation of the galley, meals for Crew, Owner and Guests. Experience with provisioning, sourcing, monthly accounting, and regular detailing relating to the galley and all equipment within. Employed as a Sous Chef and responsible for assisting the Chef in the daily preparation and completion of Italian dishes for a 164 seat restaurant. Responsible for provisioning, prep work and assistance to the Chef in completing food orders for the customers of the restaurant Culinary Certifications: CULINARY QUALIFICATIONS: ARGENTINEAN INSTITUTE OF GASTRONOMY – Buenos Aires, Argentina · Asian Cuisine · Mediterranean Cuisine · Pastas and Salsas · Breads and Pastries · Advanced Culinary Techniques MAUSI SEBESS INSTITUTE OF CULINARY ARTS – Buenos Aires, Argentina · Advanced Culinary Techniques · Hygiene and Conservation of Food Products · Culinary Marketing · Administration · Ancient Culinary History · Nutrition

To use my passion, training and experience in Culinary Arts to secure a position as a Chef or Sous-Chef. I want to continue growing in the Yachting Industry and contribute to the continued success of this Industry.


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