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Worldwide Dive and Sail owns and operates a range of diving, sailing and cruising yachts across Asia and the Pacific including the Siren Fleet, Master Liveaboards and The Junk. We currently operate vessels in Fiji, Indonesia, Palau, Philippines, Chuuk, Thailand, French Polynesia and Galapagos with more destinations to come. We aim to continuously improve services, standards and the quality of operations across all activities. The quality of our Employees is key to our success; all members of our team must be able to perform at the highest levels in the industry.


The Regional Destination Manager (RDM) is responsible for the overall management of a defined set of destinations where the company operates owned vessels or vessels in a Joint Venture. The Regional Destination Manager manages and provides leadership to The Destination Managers (DM) within his/her portfolio of destinations. The Regional Destination Manager is based in Egypt and will be responsible for 4 vessels in Egypt and two vessels in the Maldives and reports to the Managing Director Destination Management (MDDM).

Job responsibilities

Detailed responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Overall running of the operations:

  • Coordinate with the Destination Managers regarding the key aspects of the day to day operations in his/her destination portfolio - including holding meetings via communication channels with DM’s with an agenda and action points documented promptly;

  • Follow up on customer satisfaction and provide leadership and problem solving if Customers Satisfaction ratings drops below agreed levels.  Authorise compensation at agreed specific sums in case of justified complaint;

  • Support the DM with problem-solving solutions to any problems occurring and crisis management;

  • Ensure timely monthly reporting by gathering reports from defined destinations, analyse them and report to the MDDM;

  • Approve purchases for major work in a timely fashion and line with delegation levels. Request the use of the Central Maintenance team and of specialist contractors as and when required if repairs or maintenance can’t be executed locally;

  • Approve  maintenance schedules with the DM for defined destination and work together with the Maintenance Manager towards improvement and synergies;

  • Guide and oversee the implementation of the company Ships Management System required on all company vessels;

  • Approving holidays for DM and assure cover if necessary so that running of the operations is not disrupted and move employees to different destinations where necessary and possible in emergencies or holidays.

Cost control and analysis:

  • Manage costs by following up on running cost the destinations within his/her portfolio and discuss and find solutions with the DM if the cost goes out of the budget. This includes management of stock balances and working with destination management to move stock around as required;

  • Identify and implement cost savings measures to lower operational costs, increase efficiency and OBS (onboard sales) wherever possible;

  • Review budgets developed by the DM and report to MDDM for approval;

  • Monthly meetings with the MDDM to analyse and discuss actual operational cost compared to budget and suggest improvement;

  • Responsible for achieving OBS revenue targets and margins. Follow up on monthly stock checks;

  • Responsible for the brand implementation and ensure in cooperation with the Destination Planning and Development Department that cross marketing is executed on all vessels as implemented by the marketing department and the MDDM;


  • Ensure Employees have bought into the policies of the brand implementation (engagement);

  • Ensure staff training schedules are followed.  

  • Support and coach the DM;

  • Support DM to find the right staff for any position in the destinations within his/her portfolio;

  • Execute two times per year Employee Performance Reviews for DM.


  1. Customer satisfaction is at the agreed level in all defined destinations including the management of customer complaints in an efficient way to avoid escalation

  2. Employee engagement - Ensuring that staff including DM are supported and therefore they identify them with the company and the staff turnover is managed to ideally 10-15%

  3. Budget for all destination within his/her portfolio is established promptly

  4. Brand implementation is visible on all vessels and cross marketing is up to date

  5. Cost management - Operational cost are within or below set budget for all defined destinations

  6. A stock value between all designated destination is not excessive, and there is a minimum “past due date” stock.

  7. Employees were rotated around between destinations wherever possible to reduce cost of additional staff

  8. Monthly reports regarding destination performance produced promptly

  9. Reporting cycle is in place for maintenance, customer satisfaction, employees H&S and fire training. All reports are available anytime for all defined destinations, and they are analysed and compared to destinations. Best practice is in place.

  10. Performance reviews for employees are completed promptly

  11. On board sales targets (as per budget) and margins are achieved or exceeded

Skills, competencies and experience

Only candidates with the following skills/competencies/experiences will be considered:

  • Experience in working on liveaboard

  • 5 years experience in a management position in Egypt

  • Previous role related to guest relations and/or customer service

  • Experience in working with different cultures and nationalities

  • Strong organisational skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Data driven with understanding of basic finances to be able to read, interpret and derive actions from financial reports

Candidates with the following skills/competencies/experiences will be preferred:

  • Experience as hospitality resort manager;

Hours of Work

9 to 5 -  Monday to Friday.  

If excessive weekend or overtime is required, TOIL (time off in lieu) will be considered but must be pre-approved before claiming.

International – this position requires up to 30% of the time away from the Egypt office in International destinations.

Emergency Situations – On call in line with crisis management guidelines.

Interested candidates can send a cv and motivation letter to

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Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Closing date for applications: 8th of October 2017

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