2nd StewChief StewSole Stew

American, 50 y/o

Experience: 5-10 years

Location: USA - Pacific - California (San Francisco)

STCW95 *NAMS Marine Surveying administrative apprenticeship *Board Certified Medical Aesthetician *Licensed Professional Manicurist *Medical Aesthetic Laser Technician * Medical Skincare Specialist *State of Oregon alcohol license *Extensive bookkeeping experience utilizing many different computer programs, knowledge of wines and champagne, silver service, charter/broker shows, art history and interior design (San Francisco Academy of Art University), some basic Spanish and Portuguese, excellent interpersonal skills, considerable experience in merchandising and program sales, inventory tracking and food service. Multitasking and attention to detail; discretion and positive outlook, administrative and training skills. Spreadsheets, Excel, Microsoft Word, budgeting. Administrative experience.

to work in a great environment with great people. The money is not as important as the people I work with. The team, the program and the boat make all the difference in whether things run smoothly and efficiently or not. I want a boat I can be proud of whether it's for a temporary position or long term.


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