CaptainMate/1st Officer

American, 49 y/o

Experience: 1-3 years

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

Master 200 GRT – 500 GRT upon Near Coastal AB Unlimited Other Courses: GMDSS, ARPA, NAV Gen, Medical Provider, RADAR Unlimited, STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft w/ Lifeboat & Rescue boat:STCW Basic & Advance Fire Fighting:STCW Bridge Resource Management:STCW Personal Survival Techniques:STCW Personal Safety Aid & Social Responsibilities:STCW First Aid & CPR Certification: Commercial Assistance Towing:Helicopter Operations, Fire Fighting equipment, Bulk Air and Hose Systems:HUET: Advanced Fire Fighting and First Aid Updated 2015:Rig Pass:Marshall Islands

Highly experienced with extensive back ground in different types of vessels aligns well with position as Yacht Captain. I have a broad basis of understanding of general and detailed shipboard knowledge and the importance of safety of her crew. After serving in many different operational and managerial capacities throughout a 20 career in the U.S. Coast Guard and the commercial maritime community, I am looking forward to a successful career on board with a new team.


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