Mate/EngineerCaptainFishing Specialist

American, 29 y/o

Experience: None

Location: USA - Atlantic - NE - NY (New York City)

USCG 100 ton Master's W/ Able Seaman endorsement, lifeboarmen, proficiency in survival craft, RFPNW, Asst.Towing, STCW, Security awareness with designated duties, 5 years experience manning vessels 10' to 65'. PADI Advanced open water. Experienced wreck fishermen.

Highly driven and motivated, previous fishing mate. Very experienced PADI certified diver. STCW, Security awareness w/ DD, USCG medical credential. Experience in handling boats ranging from 10' to 65'. Approval from the USCG to test for 100to masters, and will be taking the appropriate course shortly.


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