Sole Engineer2nd EngineerElectical Engineer

South African, 31 y/o

Experience: 3-5 years

Location: Mediterranean - Spain (Barcelona)

Qualified Electrician

Having worked onboard a 34m Sailing Yacht as a Sole Engineer for over two years I feel I have a great understanding of all onboard systems, including AV/IT and refrigeration. I am working towards my Y4 license and have recently passed the Marine Diesel module and all auxiliary courses. I am now looking for an engineering role onboard any type vessel, with an engine greater than 350 kW to gain the required sea time (9 months). As an Electrical Forman I managed teams of up to sixteen people, working on different projects at the same time, which greatly enhanced my organizational skills. I am incredibly hard working, easy going and work well in a team. My fitness levels and strength are both excellent, and I can cope with any task at hand. I do every job to the best of my ability, often going beyond the call of duty.


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