Inventory Manager

Category : Land Based
Id : 34312
Date Created : 8/11/2017 8:09:36 AM
Job Type : Permanent
Region : Antibes

Inventory Manager - Only candidates lawfully able to work in France can be considered.
Position Description:
This  position  will  direct  and  coordinate  inventory  management,  stock  control  and   purchasing  activities  of  the residency to  obtain  optimum  efficiency  of  operations.  The   Inventory  Manager's  responsibilities  include  inventory  management,  stock  control,   recording  and  reporting  of  inventory  movements.  
Major Areas of Responsibility
The  Inventory  manager  monitors  available  supplies,  materials,  and  products  in  order   to  ensure  that  employees  have  access  to  the  materials  they  need.  The  Inventory   manager   will  establish  and  implement  stock  control  systems,  inventory  dispatch   procedures  and  systems,  using  an  established  inventory  management  software.  

Primary Objectives:
  Forecast  needs,  monitor  inventory  flow,  analyze  movement  patterns,  and   product  deployment  towards  department  heads  at  the  property     Develop  and  implement  plans  to  optimize  inventory  costs  and  goals     Resolve  accuracy  discrepancies     Work  closely  with  the  House  Manager  to  establish  optimal  ordering,  inventory   targets  and  turnover  objectives  for  food  &  beverage  as  wells  as   consumables/durables  for  the  property     Conducts  inventories  regular  checks  and  compiles  monthly  reports  for   management  review.     Exercise  general  control  over  activities  in  the  Stores  department.     Ensure  safe  keeping  both  as  to  quality  and  quantity  of  materials.     Initiate  purchase  requisitions  for  the  replacement  of  stock  of  all  regular  stores   whenever  the  stock  level  of  any  item  approaches  the  minimum  limit  fixed.     Initiate  action  for  stoppage  of  further  purchasing  when  the  stock  level   approached  the  maximum  limit.     Check  and  receive  purchased  materials  and  arrange  for  the  storage  in   appropriate  places.     Issue  materials  only  in  requested  quantities  against  authorized  delivery   notes/materials  lists.        
  Check  the  book  balances  with  the  actual  physical  stock  at  frequent  intervals.     Issue  periodic  inventory  and  cost  control  reports  as  per  standards.     Participate  to  Management  Operations  Meetings  and  communicate  relevant   inventory  issues  to  the  management  team  to  assist  them  in  their  functions  and   decision-­making  process.     Profile of candidate
  Positive  behavior/enthusiastic     Energetic     Efficient/organized     Accountable  and  resilient     Works  well  under  pressure     Flexibility  to  respond  to  a  range  of  work  situations     Excellent  listening  and  communication  skills     Discretion,  integrity  and  strong  ethics     Previous  experience  as  Inventory  Manager     Strong  F&B  knowledge   
Reports to:
  House  Manager  of this exclusive residency
  Inventory  Intern  and  Manutentionaires  team  
Job Requirements  
  Two-­year  college  degree  in  a  related  field,  and/or  equivalent  experience  in  a   related  field.     Thorough  understanding  of  housekeeping  and  F&B  operations  in  a  hotel  format.     Inventory  management  experience  with  demonstrated  track  record  of  developing   and  implementing  inventory/purchasing/stock  control  procedures.     Apply  a  commercial  business  approach  toward  sound  decision-­making  and   outcomes.     High  quality  written  and  verbal  communication  skills  are  essential.     Meet  tight  timeframes  without  compromising  accuracy.     Demonstrate  initiative  in  problem  solving,  is  receptive  and  open  to  new  ideas,   and  can  adjust  and  respond  accordingly.     Bilingual  (English/French)  is  recommended
Salary: 2640 euros net pm + benefits.
Ideally suited to a former ship-Inventory Manager/Provision Master or someone with experience in a similar position shore-side in an international environment.

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