Do a Divemaster and/or IDC internship and get your certifications for FREE!!

Hello from the Dressel Divers team!

We offer you the training needed for FREE and future employment as Divemaster or an Instructor. Here, at Dressel Divers, we offer free internships where you can get these certifications without having to pay in exchange for work in our dive centers.

NO PAYMENT REQUIRED! We offer two separate internships all of which you can join in sequence or the part you need.



A 6 months' internship in which you participate fully in the dive center tasks as assigned by the manager in exchange for all courses and dives leading up to and including the PADI DSD divemaster level for free (including study materials & PADI FEES). This dive center participation program also gives free breakfast and lunch (in some areas also dinner), free lodging (youth hostel style), a free daily morning dive, free dive equipment use and a sales commission.

NEW! If you are already Rescue Diver certified from any federation, the divemaster internship is reduced to ONLY 4 MONTHS!



Once a divemaster with us or if already a divemaster a further 6 months’ internship with all the same conditions as above in exchange for required courses and dives leading up to the PADI instructor level (including study materials & PADI fees).

Upon successful completion of this internship and the PADI IDC you are offered employment in Dressel Divers.


We are a very well established company with dive centers in Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, providing SCUBA diving services to IBEROSTAR HOTELS & RESORTS.

Participating as a DIVEMASTER & DIVE INSTRUCTOR INTERNS will not only give you the opportunity to see the best beaches and the best dive spots in the world; you will also be living “winter free”.

If interested, please send your resume (C.V.) to 

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Looking forward to hearing from you and to the possibility of welcoming you on our dive internship!



Best Regards,



Alberto Sanchez

Human Resources Department

Dressel Divers International

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