American, 46 y/o

Experience: 10+ years

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

? Bachelor Degree in Hotel Administration & Management, Brazil ? Medical Certificate STCW A-I/9 (ENG-1 equivalent) Exp: 05-NOV-2016 ? Cayman Island LAP Certificate of Proficiency in Cayman Islands Law and Procedures ? H.E.L.M: Human Element Leadership & Management skills. STCW ? ARPA Re-certification ? Open Water Diver PADI ? Radar Observer Recertification renewal Course ? Bridge Resource Management ? Marine Radio Operator Permit renewal FCC ? STCW-BST renewal. PST, PSSR, First Aid/CPR, Basic Fire Fighting ? USCG-Able Body Seaman-RFPNW A-II/4 ? USCG Lifeboat Man ? Advanced Shipboard Firefighting renewal ? Advanced Sea Survival / Rescue Boat MCA ? Medical Care Provider renewal, 2012 ? Medical Care Person in Charge ? MSA-Maritime Security Awareness. IMO 3.27, Solas A/13.2, STCW A-VI/6 ? Advanced Marine Weather Systems NOAA ? Merchant Mariner Renewal: II/3, VI/1, VI/2, VI/3, VI/4, III/1, III/3, III/4, III/5. Exp: 16- SEP-2020 ? H.E.L.M: Human Element Leadership & Management skills. STCW ? E.R.M: Engine Room Resource Management. STCW ? M.E.E.C.E: Management of Electrical & Electronic Control Equipment. STCW ? Cayman Island OICEW Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch ? (MCA-Y1 equivalent) USCG Chief Engineer A-III/2. Commercial Engineering License. EOOW Unlimited. ? MTU-Vericor TF50 & TF40 Marine Gas Turbine Level 1 certified maintenance/operator ? MTU Certificate 4000-03 M90-M97 CM2/M Onboard diesel engine maintainer/operator course ? Approved Engine Course AEC-MCA ? Refrigeration Compressor Operation & Service, Portland ? MIG/TIG, Plasma Cutter, Acetylene Torch, Brazing Welding Course, Portland ? Diesel Engine Rebuild / Tear Down Rebuild, Portland ? Free Diving and Spear-fishing Certificate, Mar Azul, Brazil ? Commercial, Residential Electrical Building Installations NR-10, CEFET, Brazil ? Basic 1-2 & DOS Programmer, SENAC, Brazil

It is with much interest and enthusiasm that I submit to you my resume in application for the position of Captain that has opened onboard your yacht. As a Captain & Marine Engineer with over 14 years' experience facilitating yacht voyages in Caribbean, Bahamas, South East Asia, U.S.A., Med waters. I have developed excellent capacities for management, engineering, navigation, and passenger relations that will support me in swiftly becoming a strong contributor to your operations. These strengths are complemented by my unparalleled work ethic and track record of consistently excellent work performance in situations requiring calm focus, leadership, and the highest levels of personal integrity and fitness. Best Regards Fernando Mora


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