MSDT couple: 100 Certs + STCW95, coxswain


   Regina Appio: I am an American citizen with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I have certified over 100 divers in Hawaii, Cozumel, Philippines, and St. Thomas. I have worked in the Hospitality industry for over 12 years, including Oasis of the Seas cruise ship where I was a 2 stripe officer and dive instructor. 

Shane Herewini: I am from New Zealand, 10 years Royal New Zealand Navy. I am a coxswain and  also have certified over 100 divers from Scuba Diver to Rescue. Dependable, hard working, and easy going, having been awarded with PADI Instructor of the month at my previous job. 

   We both have our STCW95, Security Awareness and CMAT certifications.

Please email me for more information-

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Thank You

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