Experienced bilingual OWSI couple


To whom it may concern,
We are Blue from Wales and Thibault from France, we have been working together for two years in Phi Phi Island Thailand and we are now looking for a new position as Instructors or Management work.
We are used to working as a team selling and organizing tours, guiding and taking courses from beginners to Divemasters. We believe that safety always comes first in order to give the best customer service possible.
Blue became an Instructor in 2015, since she's been accumulating different experiences in Greece, Thailand and England. She has now around 800 dives and more than 200 certifications. Her patience has no limits and is always seen with a smile, especially when it comes to helping demanding customers. Blue enjoys keeping on top of social media to advertise and promote the shop.
Thibault has been in the diving industry for 5 years, he has now around 500 certifications and 2000 dives. He has worked in tropical water and extreme cold water and has more experience managing a dive center, coordinating western/local staff. He is very good at teaching beginners and at handling difficult situations underwater or on board, he also has knowledge in scuba gear maintenance and marine life (don't know a fish, ask Thibault!).
Please feel free to contact us on
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or on skype "bluenorris".
We really look forward to hear back from you.
Best regards.
Thibault Labrugere
Blue Norris

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