Marine Biologist/DM looking for employment



I am looking for a Marine Biologist or Divemaster job. Currently I am working at a research base in the Wakatobi, Indonesia as the DM for a Reef Survey Techniques course which I also lecture on. The season involves giving lectures to each new research assistant and dissertation student on the island, organizing and leading dives on Coral, Fish and Invert ID as well as giving lectures on Coral Reef Ecology and threats to coral reefs. Prior to this I gained a Masters degree in Ecology and Conservation.

I have also gained a lot of experience in the past few years assisting Open Water and Advanced courses with both European Diving Centre in Fethiye, Turkey and more recently, Oyster Diving in London.

I am really enthusiastic about providing memorable experiences diving to students and visitors along with educating about the marine environment and reef safe diving. I am now looking to further develop my existing skills and experience in leading dives and managing dive groups.

If you have opportunities available and wish to see my resume please feel free to email me at

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