Spanish/English/German speaker looking for Internship

My name is Vera. I am Spanish and I am 22 years old, and I recently discovered the amazing world of diving . I finished my Translation and Interpreting University studies on May 2017, and I left everything behind (job, family, etc) in order to enroll a position as receptionist in a diving center in Zakynthos, Greece. I could not imagine how much I would like it until I tried it for the first time. Now I am working on my OWC in my days-off and I would like to get up to ADV at least. I am getting experienced with the Dive center administration, equipment management and sales. Unfortunately, diving season finishes here in October, and my dream would be to continue working in this amazing profession.

My inquire is, if possible, to join one of your scuba centers, as an intern, to become an experienced and qualified diver, maybe earn some pocket money and give my energy, hard work and my love for this job in exchange. I do not have all the big amounts of money that are usually asked for the internships, but what have is a lot of positive energy and a deep mindset of working hard, and I will participate in every task that I am required for. I am fluent in English, German, and Spanish, my mother tong. I am good in working with people.

I have been working in Decathlon, a international sports brand for three years. I am a very enthusiastic girl, and I always give my best. I know I will not have the Rescue course by the time I get there, but I will work hard to get it there as soon as possible and join a Dive Master Program, and I will stay there after finishing all my courses as long as you need me, and as long as necessary in order to pay back for the investment in me. This means I could be there from the end of October, and no final date.

I am really interested in almost any sport (specially weightlifting and crossfit) and I always try to keep fit and healthy.

If you think we could work it out, please contact me

Kind regards

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