MAINTENANCE MANAGER for International Liveaboards Company - Base in Phuket - Thailand(1)

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Worldwide Dive and Sail owns and operates a range of diving, sailing and cruising yachts across Asia and the Pacific including the Siren Fleet, Master Liveaboards and The Junk. We currently operate vessels in Fiji, Indonesia, Palau, Philippines, Chuuk, Thailand, French Polynesia and Galapagos with more destinations to come. We aim to continuously improve services, standards and the quality of operations across all activities. The quality of our Employees is key to our success; all members of our team must be able to perform at the highest levels in the industry. 
Summary  The main responsibility of the Maintenance Manager Destination Management (MMDM) is to provide leadership and expert direction for all aspects of maintenance for the current and future company operated vessels, wholly owned or in a Join Venture. This includes planning and scheduling for normal maintenance and major re-fit (dry dock) along with assisting on any maintenance emergencies if they arise. The role has the responsibility to write and update, in cooperation with Central Ops coordinator Role, maintenance procedures and processes. The MMDM is responsible for managing the group of specialists who focus on maintenance for all vessels. The role is based in Phuket Head Office. The MMDM reports to the Managing Director Destination Management. 
Job responsibilities   Detailed responsibilities include but are not limited to:  Cost control of maintenance budget set by the MDDM and BOD (Board of Directors). This includes, but is not restricted to, all aspects of the vessels mechanic, engines, generators, water production, compressors, electronics, navigation, dive equipment, kitchen equipment, air-conditioning and any other equipment that is required to give the customers the best experience;  Working closely with the Regional Managers to assure communication flow and problem awareness is on the highest level;  While not responsible for the performance of the mechanic staff on board the vessels, the MMDM will be expected to provide subject matter expertise and assistance to the mechanical staff;  Manage the central maintenance team including “the Dream team”.  The MMDM is responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of the central team;  Creating and maintaining maintenance schedules. The role is responsible for maintenance schedules and to ensure that proper reporting is done for all mechanical parts of the vessels as described in point (1);  In cooperation with Reservations department and Regional Destination Managers the creation of a maintenance and dry dock schedules for each vessel regarding extended and yearly maintenance;  Responsible for assessing work required for all vessels in dry dock, estimate cost and report to MDDM for approval;  Assist the Regional Managers and Finance team to create a yearly maintenance budget for each vessel. As part of this budget include the estimated cost of the central maintenance team (labour) for a specific vessel, including any travel or other significant expenses;  Procurement of spare parts and assuring that the right quality and quantity of spare parts is available for each vessel;  Executing two times per year performance reviews of Employees;  Scheduling and approving holidays of the maintenance team;  Create timesheets for work in destinations so that Finance can ensure that the appropriate costs are allocated to the right vessel.  
KPI’s  Customer satisfaction rating for their experience in terms air- conditionings and other mechanical devices the customer is in contact with are on or higher than agreed;  Maintenance cost are at or below budget;  Maintenance team cost are at or below budget;  Maintenance schedules and reports are in place and available at any time;  Maintenance schedules and reports are followed and on time;  Vessels don’t have downtime due to maintenance problems;  Delivering maintenance on time and at agreed or below cost/budget;  Performance reviews are completed on time. 
Working hours  Monday to Friday - 9 to 5. If excessive weekend or overtime is required, then TOIL (time off in lieu) will be considered but must be pre-approved before claiming.  This position requires up to 40% of the time away from Thailand HQ office at international destinations.  Emergency Situations – on call in line with crisis management guidelines. 

Interested candidates can send a cv at 
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Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted  Closing date for applications: 28th of July 2017 

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