British, 30 y/o

Experience: 5-10 years

Location: Pacific - Tahiti

MCA Master 200GT MCA OOW 500GT Yachtmaster Offshore STCW 10 GMDSS GOC Powerboat Level 2 PADI Rescue Diver MCA Medical First Aid ENG 1

I have over 15 years sailing experience including six years professional experience as captain, operating charter and private. I oversaw the build of an Oyster 725 from molding in 2015 as owner’s representative/captain. ?I have gained huge experience in the industry running charter yachts since 2011. As a result I have developed good problem solving and engineering skills and have always had a genuine passion for sailing and yachts which I have transferred into excellent charter experiences. My objective is to secure a long term captain’s position on a yacht 80-100ft.


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