Stew/DeckCrew ChefSole Stew

American, 44 y/o

Experience: 0-1 year

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

I have also worked on day sail boats in the Caribbean- serving guests, raising sails, processing customs paperwork, and washing down the boat.

*Note: At this time I am seeking positions where I can live ashore, and be onboard for charters or trips as necessary. I am able to spend extended periods aboard for trips or charters. I am seeking a freelance or permanent position aboard a sailing or motor vessel, or estate, where I can use and further my knowledge and skills while providing excellent service. I have freelanced in the industry and am open to all positions, temporary and long term, as well as to positions where I would be shore-based part or all of the time. I genuinely enjoy stewarding guests enjoyment and experience on the water. I am fit and enjoy and prefer physical work to being idle or desk work. I have worked previously in the music and non profit industries, and attended graduate school. I am a mature professional and enjoy working on a team. Competent with family style cooking, crew cooking as well as experienced with gluten free and other special accommodations (dairy free, sugar free, low carb etc.) Thank you for your consideration.


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