Ph.D. marine biologist/OWSI available for work

After several years in the academic environment, I have decided to go back to my roots in environmental education, utilizing scuba to better immerse students in the parameters and processes important to marine ecosystems. 

I've developed an encyclopedic knowledge of the flora and fauna of my native coastline which has served me well while learning the species in the regions I've traveled (Hawaii, Caribbean, Red Sea). This knowledge, along with the deep understanding of oceanic processes acquired in the pursuit of my Ph.D., give me a unique perspective on marine habitats. I'm very enthusiastic about sharing these passions with others, and look forward to building an adventure dive program with your organization that boasts a strong natural history based curriculum.

In addition to my experience as a dive professional and a scientist, I also have extensive experience at sea, including work on mid to large sized oceanographic research vessels (ships and submarines), small craft, and sailboats.

On a personal level I am friendly and professional. My experiences in the arts (classical/popular music, theater), along with my well-rounded education, are critical factors in my ability to converse and develop good relations with most anyone. 

I am open to travel and relocation, and would happily consider positions on liveaboards.

Dr. Grant Law, Ph.D.

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