We are, Javier and Barbara, 28 and 26 years old from Spain.  

Both OWSI PADI instructors, with full equipment and insurance. We are working in Menorca right now, but willing to relocate to a new island where we can start a short or long term contract. We've been 4 and 2 years teaching, so we could take responsabilities and run all the activities but we still have an open mind and like to learn new things. We are open to all offers around the world. 

We can teach and guide in Spanish, Catalan, English and also French (French in a basic level, like DSD's, OW, guiding...).  

And the most important thing, we are not afraid of filling tanks, cleaning toilets or any other duty that has to be with a Dive center, because it's what we are use to do. We could even run it! We have been both really involved in all the concernings of running a dive center like the organisation, planning, customers service or servicing dive equipment. 

Please, contact us if you would like to have a look to our CV's or have a chat via Skype:

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 Best regards,

 Javier and Barbara.

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