Divemaster in SW Florida

Hello all,

My name is Patricia. PADI No. 400021.


My background is as an Environmental Scientist of five years, and a Diver of nine. 

Additional skills I have to offer include customer service experience, map and chart development and interpretation, environmental education with various age groups, and more.


Though I am originally from New Jersey, where I completed the majority of my dive certs, I have recently relocated to SW Florida, the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area.

Having recently completed my Divemaster training in New Jersey, the original plan was to work for my dive shop up there. However, as mentioned, I relocated to SW Florida after accepting a position with the FDEP. 


Ultimately, I am seeking part-time employment as a Divemaster, with every intention of completing my Assistant Instructor training in the near future. I would also be genuinely interested in getting involved in the dive community in this region as well. 

I would be happy to make available my full resume and any additional information, as well as meet with any dive shop staff, upon request.

Thank you,


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