I'm looking for UK//liveaboard work from Jan '18


My name is Carl, Padi instructor 356190, I'm looking for either UK work or liveaboard work docking in the UK and going anywhere in the world.

I'll be based in Essex over the Christmas season but am willing to travel anywhere in the UK for work if I can have some assistance with finding accommodation and the like.
My interests lay largely with micro and mega fauna and disability diving, I am qualified to DSAT Tec Deep but would also like to pursue this as a side project with aims to furthering my specialities in lue of hoping to do an MSDT course in the new year as well.

I'm looking for actual instructor work not just dive guide and pool sessions and a reasonable wage given the usual expenses that go hand in hand with diving.
Any offers or queries drop me an email at

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and I'll send you over a CV and/or other relevant information about myself and diving history.

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