Instructor/TrainerDM Couple

Dear Madam/Sir

Me and my partner want to sign up for dive job. I am a 27 year old European (Hungarian) Padi Instructor, searching long term dive work. If its not a problem i only speak English and unfortunately a little German, but i understand it very well. I am a highly motivated guy, who want to show this beautiful underwater world to everyone. I am available from autumn (september, oktober) because at the moment i work as a Instructor (leading dive's, dsd, teaching, equipment maintenance, filling tank, transporting guests) in Crete. If its possible i prefer the end of oktober, because im gonna make the speed boat license in the end of the season, but this is negotiable. Please consider that, that i am not alone. If you accept me i am gonna come with my partner, who is not a diver, but she wanted to be a Dive Master, and of course i can teach him!

If you are interested, contact me for CV. 
Kind Regards,

Gergő Sükösd

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