Junior StewLaundry2nd Stew

South African, 45 y/o

Experience: 0-1 year

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

STCW10, Level 2 Food Hygiene, Advanced Open Water Diver, ENG1 Excellent computer skills, Knows a lot about kids, and can cook although not certified

I consider myself a well presented, hardworking, loyal and honest woman. My particularly hands on stewardess course I recently completed with Super- crew Superyacht Training in Cape Town gave me a great foundation on which to build my quest for knowledge pertaining the industry. My experience as business owner has given me strong organization and multi-tasking skills which I see as being highly transferable. I am seeking a full time Stewardess position on board a motor yacht. I would like to go on to develop a long term career in yachting. I take a great deal of pride in everything I do and am totally committed to the long hours and hard work necessary to succeed.


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