CaptainMate/1st Officer

Belgian, 47 y/o

Experience: 10+ years

Location: Mediterranean - Mallorca (Palma)

Master sailing ships, No Limitations GMDSS general radio operator STCW-2010 ENG 1 Padi open water 12 years working in hospitality business as cook, bartender and waiter

Professionally I gained my sailing experience the last 14 years with studying and sailing on different kind of boats and seas. This has given me a wealth of knowledge of the technical aspects and navigation, as well a vast experience working and living with people on board. One of my strengths is to stay calm and try to make it happen. In addition, my background in hospitality assists and give me the ability to motivate the crew, to make sure the owner and guests have the best time possible on board. I feel at this point with the experience I have gained, I am more than qualified and capable of fulfilling a Captain position in a professional manner with a personal touch.


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