Give me a home where the whales roam...

Hi there.
I'm 27, English, male, EFR/OWSI qualified - 356190, holding up to date professional diving insurance through AquaMed, 450+ dives to date along with tons of intro/discover experience and all the usual schpiel.
I'm currently based in Greece for 4 months so really I'm looking mostly for liveaboard or UK work from October onwards though I would also be willing to accept anywhere in the world as long as the diving is good and the living conditions at a reasonable standard.
I'm also looking to do speciality courses in lue of aiming for MSDT some time in the new year and would also be interested in all and any disability diving instructor courses.

Any info or requests for details or a CV then drop me an email on

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and I'll send over the relevant documents.
Thanks in advance.

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