Hello, everybody…

   I am looking for a long term job opportunity from October 2017, preferably in Spain. 

   I am Thirty-nine (39) years old, married with Spanish Citizen and holder of Spanish family book. My native language is spanish and have middle level english. Resigned to continue in Venezuelan armed forces upon personal decision. Along my career, I acquired the following skills: 




Work under very stressful situations.

Staff Management

Strong Knowledge about Word, Excel and power point

Multi-task activities with success.

Strong organization abilities.


Good interpersonal relations.

Instruction achiever.

Professional and disciplined.

Excellent health conditions.

Proactive and hard worker without supervision.

No tattoos or piercings.

None smoker.

    I am an experienced OWSI and willing to learn about everything each day. I love the ocean and like to teach about diving. Currently an OWSI but will be a MDST by the end of August. 

    I am certified in 7 specialties (instructor), such as: Night, Nitrox, Wreck, Deep, Search and recovery, Project Aware, and Peak Performance Buoyancy. 

    Would you have an opportunity for someone with my profile, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information at

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    Thank you for your time and interest. 


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