Chief EngineerSole Engineer

Croatian, 27 y/o

Experience: 1-3 years

Location: Mediterranean - Italy (Viareggio)

I have good IT skills and basic electrical and electronical. Overhauling of main , tender and jet engines. The certificates I posses are: ERM 1 ERM 2 (Engine Resource Management , Basic Training , Medical First Aid, Advanced Firefighting , Passenger Ship Safety , Crowd Management , WhiteBox and Marinfloc operation certificate , (EOOW) Officer in charge of watch on propulsion machinery of 750 KW or more , ISPS , Security awareness , several fire leading and rescue certificates and a valid medical examination aswell.

My name is Drago , I am looking to continue my career as for 2nd engineer on board yachts. With my previous experience on board large and small cruise ships I could contribute a lot to engine rooms on board yachts as well on the deck and tender boats.


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