2nd StewStew/Deck

South African, 27 y/o

Experience: 3-5 years

Location: Mediterranean - Italy (Genoa)

I have all the necessary certificates for yachting which include; STCW95, ENG1, PDSD, Food & hygiene 2, Crowd & PS, Crisis & HB. I completed an addition Stewardess course. After school I studied Health and Skincare and attained my diploma in Health and Skincare in 2011, and worked in a salon for 3 years after my studies. I also got my Boland colours for swimming in 2004.

I am a very motivated and dedicated South African looking for a 2nd Stewardess position on a motor yacht from 60m+. I have 1.5 years experience on a 50m private motor yacht and 1 years experience on the world biggest yacht (by gross tonnage). I love the ocean and would like to combine my love for the ocean with a job on a yacht.


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