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Our client is seeking a well-qualified (Y4 minimum, prefer Y3 or even better) Engineer to join their 40m adventure Motor Yacht. Although totally private, this boat moves and it moves a lot. The Captain is very professional who is seeking an Engineer as good as the last one (who moved to an 80m rotation spot) to join the team.
The owners are lovely people who enjoy being on the water and love fishing, entertaining, and all of the other perks of yachting. Currently they are starting their Alaska trip then will be heading down the West Coast of the US to Central America and then, if all goes well, a Pacific trip.
They do have a temporary guy aboard who can fill in for up to three months, so they are not under the gun, but they would love to find that full time candidate who is up for a lot of hard work, a bit of adventure and who loves being part of a team.
They can consider all nationalities – and MIGHT be able to consider a young lady for the position, but currently, the cabin situation would work much better with male candidates.

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