Greetings dear fellow yachtie!

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And welcome to Aquastaff. Friendly community for finding jobs and candidates.

I like to travel and don’t stay in one place for a long time. Time to time I have to  change a job. I was searching for a job opportunity in a dozens sites. Some of them are good and helpful, some greedy and want only my money for various subscriptions. Some has not clear way to apply. I click the button and what? Did I applied or not? Or maybe now I on the end of a candidate list be cause agent’s site computer algorithm somehow has decided that I’m less skilful be cause I didn’t click one of a millions of checkbox on registration. Why I have to deal with greedy middle man when I don’t have money to pay for? That was always my concern. Basically all I was doing is sending my CV. So all of those sites I was using to find an email of employer who is currently looking for staff.  And I’ve decided to make something what is not greedy. What is helpful. What can really help to find the opportunity. So here you are on I’ll try to maintain and evolve it. I don’t want to make it as the other commercial projects. If it give me extra bucks - awesome. If not - fine too.
Great to see you here. And I would be also happy to read your comments and suggestions how to make it better. Post in somewhere in General Discussions or send it to me directly to 
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Take care!

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