English speaking dive guide in PALAU

 DayDream Palau is looking for an English speaking dive guide for employment in Palau.


 At the moment our customer base is mostly Japanese customers but we are now in progress to expand our market into more English-and Chinese speaking regions.


 Palau has many world famous dive site such as the Blue Corner and the Blue Holes, where we can find a lot of sharks, mantas, turtles and also many tiny rare fishes. By other words, pretty much everything you want in your daily work as a diver.

 During our 22 years of operation, we have been one of the leading dive shops in Palau when it comes to collecting data and studying aggregation behaviors along with researching new dive sites. With us you can be sure to experience many unique events in the underwater world of Palau.


 Requirements for applicants:

 - Minimum Divemaster, OWSI is a plus.

 - able to speak/read/write fluent English. Additional language knowledge is a plus(example: Mandarin, Korean, Japanese etc.)

 - Friendly and helpful personality.

 - Customer-service oriented.
 - hard working


 For further information such as salary etc. please contact us:


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 Hiroshi Akino

 General Manager

DayDream Palau
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