ChefSous ChefCrew Chef

Dutch, 28 y/o

Experience: 10+ years

Location: Europe - UK (England)

Wood work with Grandfather, furniture, cleaning, etc. SAS Inland skippers License, sailing family yacht SAS compitent Crew City & Guilds International diploma in Culinary Arts City & Guilds Award in Food Safety in Catering CTIA diploma in Culinary Arts Master Class in Whiskey Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language BSc Architecture, University of Pretoria

Being a creative and hardworking young chef; working on a Super Yacht is the challenge I want for my career. I love adventure and meeting new people, trying new things and seeing the world. The galley gives me the opportunity to experiment with new and exciting flavours, using my imagination to create exquisite, exciting dishes for my guests. The skills and exposure I have gained as Executive Chef, along with my experience as a sailor will prove valuable on your vessel.


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