CaptainMate/1st Officer

American, 44 y/o

Experience: 10+ years

Location: Bahamas - Bahamas (Other)

USA Tow Assistance Certificate, Marine FCC radio Licence, S.T.C.W Certificate. I am Naval Electrician AC/DC good knowledge Electronic Navigation Equipment, Operate Dynamic Positions Systems, Hydraulic Systems, ETC. Mechanic for Gas and Diesel Engine, Inboard & Outboard, Transmission and Must of the propulsion systems inboard. I have the skills to performance safety maneuver on any situations considering all risk personal and materials.

My experience in is more of 25 years on board. I graduate from Academia school in 1991 Havana, Cuba, after I work for Hydrographic project ship for 2 years on Cuban Navy at this time I was 1st Mate. In 1993 I start work on Panamanian Cargo Ship cover route on many Caribbean and South American ports 1997 I obtain Panamanian Master License Unlimited. I work for towing company on Caribbean island do towing operations Batwing Islands two 5000 ton barge behind and plusher to. 1998 I obtain Bolivia Master License. 2001 I start navigate in us water onboard Yacht and pleasure boat I have experience in Bahamas water and Caribbean islands, also I have good relations with authority in most of the Bahamas Islands. Also I have full knowledge of Florida water included Miami and Keys area. Recently I obtain my 100 ton Master License of USA Merchant Marine, S.T.C.W course, Towing Assistance License, Marine FCC License. 1996 NAUI Diving License


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