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Our client is seeking a Stewardess to join their 37m yacht in Florida for a permanent posting. The yacht is about to set off (early May) for the Bahamas and they would like to be fully crewed up before they do. They will be working a very traditional Bahamas / New England / Caribbean cruising route sticking to the usual hot-spots. They are moving from Private to Charter and would like to have somebody who is very hands-on as well as interested in learning more and more in their career.
The program is just coming out of a very successful refit (in the States) and also has a 34’ tender. The owners are quite active with travelling, and some diving, but this is not a heavy water-sports program other than fishing, and you can expect to be generally located in very yacht-friendly ports of call. There are no children on this program. Clearly they would prefer candidates who already have solid yachting experience, however, if you have good, transferrable skills and a history of making long term commitments, they will happily consider your application.
As a Cayman flagged yacht (Lloyds), all nationalities can be seriously considered. Please note that this is a shared cabin but there is another open spot so some juggling may be possible.
Candidates must have:
Valid Eng1
Valid Passport
Proof of STCW Basic Training

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