2nd Stewardess - 60m - Research Yacht -34005

Category : 2nd Stew / Dept Head
Id : 34005
Date Created : 4/18/2017 3:53:24 PM
Job Type : Perm/Temp
Region :

Position: Stewardess - 2nd
Yacht: 50-60M Exploration Yacht - 12+ crewStart date : around May 15 - June 15th *to be advisedItinerary: To be advised but interestingRequirements: valid STCW10, Food safety/hygiene and ENG1. B1/B2You should have 2+ years experience on yachts. Fluent English is required.- Willing to be hands on in all areas. Rotation around duties including crew mess, laundry, service and housekeepingSalary: Industry standardsOther: You must have the ability to move between an easy going nature and a high level of professionalism, coupled with the ability to recognize which one of these is appropriate in situations.Job Specifics: female only due to cabin arrangements - Employment Package: in compliance with MLC2006personality assessment, back ground check and drug testingPreference: To be located in or near the US is preferred but open.**This could be a full time position or could be a relief position for at minimum 1 month.

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