US Flag Chief Stew- 45m- Florida- 34003

Category : Chief Steward/ess
Id : 34003
Date Created : 4/18/2017 11:31:48 AM
Job Type : * Select Type
Region : Ft. Lauderdale

Position:   Chief Stew

Job ID:           34003

Yacht:    US Flag - 45m - Private and Charter

Location:  Fort Lauderdale

Start date:  Near Future

Itinerary:  Based in Fort Lauderdale, will do New England or the Caribbean for the summer depending on which area has more of a demand for the charter market

Requirements: valid STCW and Medical.  Must be a US citizen or green card holder.  Previous experience on a similar sized vessel

Responsibilities:  Manage interior.  Owners are pretty easy going,but for charters 5 star service is expected.

Team: Possibly with a Chef

Salary range:   $5000- $5500 DOE

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