Category : Yacht Deck
Location/City : FL -

Our client is seeking a Captain to join their unique program in Florida.  This is a US based position working for a US boat so we are only able to consider candidates who are legal to work in the US – so citizens or Green Card holders only.
This is not your typical yacht-Captain spot.  They own a small, 50 foot (that is feet, not meters) yacht, that lives behind their home. 
They have asked for a proper yacht Captain who would like to have a "go home at nights" kind of program.  The position will be to do regular upkeep and maintenance on the yacht and to take the owners out for dinner cruises up and down the intra-coastal water ways.  These trips are planned out weeks in advance so there is plenty of opportunity to arrange schedules.
The owner has suggested that their first choice will be for a yachtie who has decided to come ashore, be it for family, retirement, change of pace – this makes no difference.  They have asked us to avoid Captains that are seeking a very active or party-style program – this is just not that.  This is a very quiet, staid, type of program.
The yacht is a 50' Hinckley (jet propulsion) that is recently delivered. 
They are still putting together the program / job outline so this is an opportunity to work directly with the owner's manager to sketch out and deliver an exceptional experience.  Please note that there are no plans to move to a larger yacht.

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