Mate/1st Officer

Columbian, 51 y/o

Experience: None

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

• OOW STCW Reg II/1 3000GT – DIMAR (Colombian Maritime Direction) License 017295 o GMDSS Radio Operators certificate o Radar observer and automatic radar plotting ARPA certificate o PSCRB Proficiency in Survival Craft certificate o Basic Fire Fighting certificate o Personal safety and social responsibilities certificate o First Aid and CPR certificate o Personal Survival Techniques certificate o BRM Bridge Resource Management certificate o FEDECAS international Diver certificate o ISPS International Vessel, Company, and Facility Security Officer certificate

After a successful naval career and having ventured into international business in a very positive way, I want to go back to sailing that is what I am passionate about and make transition to the maritime industry on board the great yachts.


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