CaptainRefit/Project Mgr.

American, 52 y/o

Experience: 10+ years

Location: USA - Atlantic - SE - Florida (Ft. Lauderdale)

USCG Master 200 ton Domestic - 500 Internatonal. Radar Observer unlimited Terrestial and Coastal Navigation. Able Body Seamen Unlimited Advanced shipboard firefighting Bridge Resource Management STCW 95 Med Aires advanced management of onboard illness and injury with AED. Advanced First Aid/CPR Advanced Open Water Diver Concealed weapon and handgun training Marlinspike and Seamenship accomplished cook. Two transpacific crossings. computer literate

Proessional Captain with a 200 ton License and over 100,000 nautial sea miles.Hands on captain with an eye for detail and a focus on maintenace.Passionate about big game fishing,diving,and recreational water sports.Extraordinary ship handling and navigation skills,and on board time management.Comfortable with a wide rage of programs.Discreet,responible and reliabe,while totally drama free.Looking for long term employment relationship with a committed owner.


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