Chief Stewardess

Category : Yacht Interior
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Our client, a 43 M private yacht is looking for a Chief Stewardess to join them. The ideal candidate will be mature, experienced, have a very positive attitude in regards to both the work and her team (and due to cabin space we can only consider female candidates at this time).
The key skills that define the best possible candidate: Professional, Sense of Humor, Lead with a Laugh. There are two interior staff and it is strictly private. The plans for the winter are a leisurely run from the Keys to the Bahamas as well as in and around South Florida.
The yacht owners are exceptionally private people and will be looking for an interior leader who is not posting daily activities, itinerary, etc. on Facebook, Twitter or other public forums. As well as being private they are super nice people. The yacht runs in two moods – when Madame is aboard the yacht is run to a very high standard. When the Mister is aboard with his friends it is a bit more relaxed (but still professional).

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