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Our client is looking for a Second Stewardess to join their very large Cayman Island Flagged charter yacht (70m). This yacht has approximately 30 crewmembers on the team of which there are 7 on the interior team. This is a permanent position and will get approximately 36 paid days of leave over the year. Due to the berthing situation, they are only considering women for the position. They are looking to maintain a good, diverse group aboard and have asked that we consider candidates from all over the world. There are no special language requirements, other than clear and fluent English.
The yacht is very busy and used by both the owner and by charterers. The yacht has a well-established history as a successful charter yacht, and the plan is to continue this while doing a two-season program, both Mediterranean and Caribbean.
This is a very formal yacht – they do the huge, over the top table settings, extensive entertaining, silver service is required. Traditionally they have not been of the "themed night" programs, but with any charter program, being ready for that sort of thing is not a bad idea.
The ideal Second Stewardess will be a team player. This means working well with upper management, while at the same time, able to work hand in hand with the interior team. When questioned, the Chief Stewardess said the best description would be somebody who is talented, humble and fun. A hard worker, happy to put in the hours to make it perfect, is not a constant talker, is constantly enthusiastic, energetic and loves to work with the rest of the girls on the team.
They will not be able to accept anybody who smokes or who has any tattoos that can be seen when wearing a T-Shirt and shorts, and barefoot.
Candidates will be expected to pass an in-person interview with the onboard team. There may be a meeting with the owner and/or the owner’s management team.
Required Documentation:
Valid Passport

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