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Our client is seeking a Captain to join their 35m motor yacht cruising the Pacific. The ideal candidate will have a history of making commitments, have a sound understanding of financials (there is an accountant / bookkeeper that works with the program – but the Captain is a very active participant).
A history of solid crew management, from selection to training and guidance, is critical. High turnover will not reflect well on the Captain. Calm, solid leadership is key to success in this program.
The Captain will join a yacht with a long term yacht owner who understands what it takes to run a yacht (including people, money and time) and who can offer a program with a planned itinerary and long term stability.
Certification requirements:
500 Master
Full STCW Compliance
ENG1 Medical (Current)
Verifiable references (we will be calling them)
This is not a rotational position. We do not share wages in either direction for senior positions but will only bring candidates and programs together if there is a chance of them coming to an agreement on wages.

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