Chief Steward/ess (Yacht)

We are looking for a Chief Stewardess to join a 70m+ private motor yacht in May.

Ideal candidates will have previous experience in this role on large yachts, and be well versed in all service styles including wine/ bar-tending knowledge, housekeeping, laundry and computer skills.

We are looking for someone with the ability to multi-task, keep calm under pressure, a positive character who loves being part of a fun crew, and doesn't shy away from team work. This position requires a hand-on approach.

Must have: Valid Passport, ENG1, STCW 95, PDSD, Food & Hygiene Level 2.

This is a long-term position, we are looking for someone who can commit. A competitive salary, 2:2 rotation and full medical insurance is on offer.

Due to cabin arrangements on-board, female only candidates please apply.

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